Carol Lynn Zorn, 61

Application information

1122 Veronica Lane
River Road Community Organization
Lived in Ward 7 for 34 years
Lived in Eugene for 34 years
Licensed Adult Foster Provider

Occupational background: My first job was driving a tractor in Clovis NM. Then I worked at Gray Tool Co. in Houston TX. Then moved back to Clovis where I worked for a vending company. Then my last job was at a meat packing company in Amarillo TX. I moved to Eugene in 1988 and my husband and I started Ready Access Memory, Inc.
Educational background: Graduated from Clovis High School, Clovis NM. I graduated from UofO with B.A.
Prior governmental experience: I was born and raised in the Air Force, but have no governmental experience.
How would you describe Ward 7 in terms of physical, social and demographic characteristics? River Road, Santa Clara, Whiteaker, Market district, 4 Corners, 5th & Blair, Washington & Jefferson park, Trainsong are all in Ward 7 When you look at the map ofWard 7 it looks like swiss cheese.There are pocket of unincorporated areas. River Road has fought annexation since I moved here in 1988. Back then RR was a two
way street with trees on each side growing up and touching in the middle There was no Chamber Overpass at that time With time RR grew out of its rural roots,
into a neighborhood with schools, churches, stores, gas stations and a bowling alley. Further out is Santa Clara which still has the feel of rural farmland.
Moving toward town there is the Whiteaker Eugene s vibrant alternative culture comes to mind Eugene has enjoyed a reputation as being one of the most
progressive cities in the nation. Whiteaker is Eugene’s oldest neighborhood. It is a diverse urban neighborhood near all of the downtown amenities.
What are your unique qualification for representing Ward 7? My unique qualifications are, I have lived in Ward 7 for 34 years. I have had a business in Ward 7 for most of that time. I have worked with the planning department while developing Macintosh Manor I have worked with DHS since I became a foster parent in 2000 Having grown up in a mi itary family I have travel and lived in many different countries and states, I have lived in the Philippine Islands three different times. I have lived in Taiwan. I was born at Shaw AFB in Sumter SC I have lived in California, Utah, New Mexico, Texas and Oregon Having traveled and lived in so many places it gives my an ability to be social, I treasure all kinds of people.
I am part of the faith based community, I attend Friendly St Church of God since 1991 Plus I quilt at First Baptist Church I have been a registered voter since I was 18. Bottom line I love Oregon and this is my home.
What are the three most important issues facing the residents of Ward 7?
* The homeless
* Public access to Mental Health
* MovingAhead
What do you see as the most pressing need for the Eugene community and what would be your top priority a a City Councilor? Getting people off the street and see what we can do about drug addiction. Because I think there is something that the city of Eugene can do to fix the problem that the county, state, or federal governments haven’t been able to Global warming, nuclear war, pandemics ect are all important, but there is not much we can do about them. But we can find ways to get people off the street and help them with their mental health.
Describe your experience working with a diversity of perspective and opinion.
Everyone has an opinion and their own perspectives. The goal is to find the majority opinion and follow it, but also take into consideration the minority opinion. As
a representative of my ward, I would set aside my own opinion and seek the wise opinion.
How would you work to effectively convey your viewpoint and make decisions as a City Councilor? I would try to convey my ward’s viewpoint not my own That would mean that I would have to know my ward’s viewpoint, and the best way to find out would be to ask the neighborhood associations. Ask staff if there is a survey or other data from my ward about the decisions that I would be voting on. Look at history about the decision that is up for vote I would not want to rely on my one viewpoint in making a decision for my ward And after many questions and research then I would convey my ward’s viewpoint in story form or I might use visual aids. Humor is an effective way to make a point and have that point remembered. I find humor reduces negative emotion.
Describe your experience in the formation or implementation of public policy and regulations. I have been a foster parents for 23 years. Regulations and public policy are the bread and butter of OHS. I have more experience with the end result of regulations.
Acronyms are the bane of my existence. I always have an acronym guide with me if I have to read any kind of action plan or government ordinance. I know that
public policy tries to solve a problem. It forms laws, regulations, guidelines, and the like to fix the problem. To do that you get all kind of data from all kinds of place like, scientists, engineers, stakeholders and community input. Then the public policy or regulations have cycles, like agenda setting – formulation – legitimation implementation – evaluation. I have sat in meetings at church where we spent an hour deciding which white to paint walls. At the time there were 38 different whites. It might not have matter to me which white to use but it matter to someone and it was worth my time to listen. I have been involved with every one of my foster kids IEP (Individualized Educational Plan). Maybe that isn’t the formation or implementation of public policy and regulations. but there are still a lot of acronyms.