Petition to Eugene City Council

To the Eugene City Council
Regarding the Appointment of
Interim Ward 7 City Councilor

We, the undersigned Eugene residents, including Ward 7 Voters, respectfully request that the seven Eugene City Councilors take the following essential actions as part of the process to appoint an interim Ward 7 City Councilor in order to ensure that the person appointed will best serve Ward 7 voters.


  1. Notice to ALL Ward 7 voters. Notice of the forthcoming appointment to fill the vacant Ward 7 City Councilor position should be mailed via US Postal Service to the address of every registered voter in Ward 7. The mailing should provide notice in both English and Spanish.
  2. Full transparency. Make all communications to, from, and among all city councilors, the mayor, and staff regarding the process to appoint an interim Ward 7 City Councilor available on the City website in a timely manner.
  3. Base the appointment solely on who would best represent Ward 7 voters. The Ward 7 City Councilor — even when appointed — serves as the representative of Ward 7 voters and is responsible and accountable to Ward 7 voters. Appointment by a majority of councilors from other wards does not, in any way, mean that the interim Ward 7 City Councilor serves or is responsible and accountable to other wards’ City Councilors.
  4. Give preference to comments and recommendations from Ward 7 residents. Advocacy by, individuals who are not Ward 7 voters and by special interest and issue-focused organizations should be considered only as they inform councilors regarding applicants’ experience and ability to effectively serve Ward 7 voters. Councilors should not be influenced by statements from special interests and advocacy organizations, when those statements pertain to how well applicants would serve those particular organizations’ interests. A councilor’s role is not as an advocate for any special interest.


Please join your Ward 7 neighbors below.
An (*) indicates a verified Ward 7 resident.
Highlighted names are applicants for the Interim Ward 7 City Council appointment.
Numbers indicate reported ward: (RR) County River Road. (SC) County Santa Clara

Adam Novick (2)
Barbie Walker (*)
Bill Aspegren (3)
Brett Jones (*)
Carolyn Schiek (*)
Catherine J Lake (*)
Charlie Rojas (RR)
Clyde Thomas (*)
Cynthia Sells (*)
Dan Dion (8)
David Schiek (*)
Deborah Hinderlie (*)
Dee Christensen (*)
Devlin Gray (RR)
Diane Wooldridge (*)
Donald Gibson (*)
Doug Freeman (*)
Gisela von Trapp (*)
Hazel Bale (*)

Hope Vaccher (2)
Jake Schimmer (*)
James Olsen (RR)
Janet Ayres (*)
Jennifer Manning (8)
Jim Johnson (2)
John Allum (*)
John Vaile (*)
Karene Gottfried (*)
Kent Slocum (*)
Kevin Jones (*)
Kristi Schneider (*)
Lawrence Siskind (*)
Lisa Bray (1)
Lyndsie Leech (*)
Lyndsie Leech (*)
Marshall Sanders (*)
Mary Byrnes (*)
Mary Wall (*)

Patti Swinehart (*)
Paul Schultz (2)
Rakar West (*)
Robert Bale (*)
Ronald Granberg (*)
Roy Miller (*)
Ruth Bridges (*)
Samuel Reave (*)
Shannon Miller (*)
Shari Moser (2)
Stephen Dyer (*)
Steven Schropp (*)
Styx Allum (*)
Terry Mortensen (*)
Theresa Beach (5)
Thomas Hiura (*)
Todd Cheyne *)
Todd Reed (RR)
Vicky Winders (*)
William Pilong (*)