Don Heady, 65

Application information

850 W. 5th Ave. #9
Whiteaker Community Organization
Lived in Ward 7 for 5 years
Lived in Eugene for 23 years
Occupation: Disabled

Occupational background:
Operations and Production management / analyst/ associate: 25 years
Sales, including commission and retail : 2O years
Restaurant industry: 5 years

Educational background:
Milwaukie High School: Diploma
University of Oregon B.S. Political Science and M.B.A.

Prior governmental experience:
North Clackamas School Board #12 (1 year appointment)
Incidental Fee Committee, U of O
Professional interaction with regulatory agencies at municipal, state and national levels, particularly regarding environmental issues of water and air quality.

1. How would you describe Ward 7 in terms of physical, social and demographic characteristics? Bestowed with uninterrupted park and greenway along the west bank of the Willamette, Ward 7 also contains wide swathes of commerce, as well as under-developed opportunity. Business is predominantly composed of small to medium owner or operated, employing area-wide citizens.
The housing stock varies widely, the cheapest rent in town is unavailable or out of reach. New (-er) housing, due to in-fill and land availability is scattered throughout: a positive; Ward 7’s diversity is reflected in the range of choice. River Road and Santa Clara residents share the same concerns, yet the dis-jointed nature of the Ward is the crux of disagreement.
This perception is not reality. The reality is shared, common interests, with little in terms of “social demographics” keeping us apart. These shared interests are how we move forward.
Rather than piece-meal what shared interests are, however defined, livability catches-all. These are topics where consensus exists about desired results, for we are much more alike than different.
2. What are your unique qualification for representing Ward 7? I have utilized the following services and programs, primarily centered in Ward 7:
Buckley Detox, The Eugene Mission, Catholic Community Services, Shelter Care, St. Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, White Bird (Medical and Dental) and Cahoots,
I have been homeless and have received homeless prevention assistance. I have caused more than my share of trouble. Full disclosure: 119 days served in Lane County Corrections, alternative sentencing, at Alma Forest Work Camp and Short Mountain Landfill. My sobriety date is January 9, 2012.
Let’s discuss.
I am fully capable of evaluating any and all perspectives. Once convinced, I am a formidable advocate. My business acumen provides additional insight, as demonstrated in Question 5.
3. What are the three most important issues facing the residents of Ward 7?
1a: Homeless impacts
1b: Homeless prevention
1c: Housing Units
2) Moving Ahead issue has to be resolved.
4. What do you see as the most pressing need for the Eugene community and what would be your top priority a City Councilor? See #3
My top priority is to maintain existing efforts on every front, building on success, we cannot add to the problem.
More “basic” options versus tarps
“Cleared Remains Clean” / with proposals
Moving Ahead “+ + +” expand service: add shuttle service to Santa Clara Transit Center.
I have a capital project proposal for the 11/15 Farmer’s Market Brainstorming.
5. Describe your experience working with a diversity of perspective and opinion.
My production and environmental teams at Frito-Lay included disparate ethnic communities: White Russian and Korean predominated newer hires, with an aging white core, none of which interacted, yet were all union represented.
A union recertification campaign, solely driven by dissatisfied members, lead to 11 “Unfair Labor Practices” charges at the National Labor Relations Board and years of contention. Meanwhile, round the clock operations continued. We were able to integrate and serve as a model for the rest of the plant.
I was never “grieved”.
6. How would you work to effectively convey your viewpoint and make decisions as a City Councilor? Efficient people do things right. effective people do right things. These are not mutually exclusive terms.
I have learned there is a way to be right and a thousand ways to be wrong.
Honesty is essential, which means ‘gotta have’.
Open-minded is indispensable, which means ‘can’t do without’.
I believe cooperation is the essence of a community, as there’s the proof.
Enthusiasm is at root level, en theos, in the spirit. I will bring it.
My sense of humor and wit will illuminate, never frustrate.
I strive to ‘do my family and friends’ proud. I trust my fellows will and do concur.
7. Describe your experience in the formation or implementation of public policy and regulations. When a closed campus was proposed, I enlisted prominent merchants to appear before the School Board in opposition.
I gave public comment on the allocation of COVID funding, having an impact on the allocation of homeless prevention funding.
As Site Environmental Coordinator for Frito-Lay, I was intimately involved with the sitting of a Primary Clarifier wastewater treatment plant:
By reducing loads, Clark County Washington got five years to respond to exponential growth, the company got a rate reduction, which paid for the installation and income from the organic waste, sold as feed.
SWAPA oversaw our emissions from 9 smokestacks; community engagement was high.
Until now, I have chosen to support and work for a candidate(s) I believe in. That option has narrowed. I believe my specific background, experiences and dedication to problem-solving will well-serve the community.