Barbie J. Walker, 43

Application information

848 Jackies Lane
River Road Community Organization
Lived in Ward 7: “2021”
Lived in Eugene: “1998”
Occupation: “Self”

Occupational background:
1) 1998-1999 UO Molecular Biology Lab Asst (Developmental Biology Dr. Bowerman Lab)
2) 1999-2001 UO Ecology Evolution Lab Asst (Animal Behavior Dr. Martins Lab)
3) 2006-2010 Oregon Medical Group – Lab Tech – Southtowne Lab
4) 2009-2012 Vice Management Main Office for companies – Hop Valley, Cooler, CJ Deli, Cleaning Solutions, Oregon Taxi, Taylor’s
-Front Office Operations
-GM Oregon Taxi
5) 2011- Current – Owner Operator – The Webfoot – University District
6) 2013- Current – Owner Operator – The Pint Pot Public House – West U District

Educational background:
Crescent Valley Highschool 1997
University of Oregon BS Biology, Minor Chemistry 2001

Prior governmental experience:
1) Junior League of Eugene 2013-Current as Sustainer
-Former Executive Board Member VP Community Enrichment 3yr
-Former Executive Board Member VP Finance 1yr
2) Former Champion/ Founding Member The 15th Night of Eugene/ Lane Co
3) Co-Founder, Developer, Logistics Writer, Implementor of The ID Program of 4J School District. Endorsed by Senator Lively for HB 2402 and Passed.
Legislators Work to Fill Gaps in State Assistance for Homeless, Mentally Ill I
The Lund Report
4)University District Business Association Board Member 2016-2021
Former President of the board 3 yrs

1. How would you describe Ward 7 in terms of physical, social and demographic characteristics? Ward 7 is expansive. Covering Santa Clara, River Road, Trainsong, the Whiteaker and a bit of the Bethel neighborhoods. The physical, social, economic demographics are widely massively intermixed and diverse.
With that noted, some of these particular areas have demographics widely mixed more than others, some less of a mixing pot. My life experiences allow me to be uniquely qualified to understand this diversity of incomes and these different political ideologies. I will be able to connect with the life experiences of every individual in these areas. I am someone that can effectively communicate with all of these demographics and thus represent the people of ward 7.
2. What are your unique qualification for representing Ward 7? My background in Community Enrichment with The 15th Night of Eugene/Lane Co & in the Hospitality Industry along with many years of accumulating an acquired unique ability to listen, learn & adjust has led me to be able to have a “meet them where they are” approach. So, every group and every group within a group feels heard and acknowledged, if possible.
3. What are the three most important issues facing the residents of Ward 7?
1) Transportation
2) The need for New Housing. The Apartments being built. Congestion towards current longtime residences.
3) Unhoused
4. What do you see as the most pressing need for the Eugene community and what would be your top priority a City Councilor?
1) At risk youth, homeless youth, the kids that can’t go home, unaccompanied minors.
Stop the leak at the beginning by embracing our kids’ plight and moving the meter in a positive, supportive way for them before they feel abandoned by our city & become unsuccessful adults.
2) Lack of Safety. Increases in Crime. Increases in all types of Vandalism, on public and private properties. Huge increases in Generalized Trash in public areas.
After The Worlds Track Competition there has again been very steady & very noticeable increase in all of those. Especially some violent crime in our downtown night life.
3) Beautification Projects that bring light and life to a city.
4) Revaluate, research, set a plan for more options for increasing the city’s number of housing units. The low vacancy rate is a significant contributing factor to our severe homeless situation.
5. Describe your experience working with a diversity of perspective and opinion.
For me, this Supplemental Question deserves an in person conversation. My answer is lengthy because it requires my personal and professional story which is lengthy.
The best I can do here is state I have grown up amongst, lived amongst, work amongst, studied amongst, advocated for, provided for, coached, counseled, traveled with all sorts of different demographics since I can remember.
I have put myself in so many different social economical areas and situations that slowly throughout the years they have all just organically lead up to continuing my Community Enrichment Involvement with all walks of life.
I appreciate a diversity of opinions and backgrounds. I find people’s knowledge and perspectives interesting, regardless if we have similar truths.
6. How would you work to effectively convey your viewpoint and make decisions as a City Councilor? At first, I would do a lot of listening. I like to chew on things. I like to research all aspects of a proposed initiative or law or ruling or administrative order etc so as to have a clear understanding of what is being presented and where it is all headed. Pros, Cons, Who’s Who?
When appropriate I like to ask the tough important questions so as to fully understand the spectrum of what is being proposed. In turn I might help others to understand also.
By covering all the bases, I am more apt to have a no agenda ridden train of thought. I can make informed decisions that might not please everyone, including myself, but they will be the correct decisions.
7. Describe your experience in the formation or implementation of public policy and regulations.
First one that comes to mind, but not limited to …
House Bill 2402.
A long process of devotion to meeting with Jon Ruiz, Julia Johnson, Megan Shultz for The ID Program which I created and ultimately became HB 2402 and ultimately was passed.
There are better links, but this one is easy to find, explains it all. It was big.


Reasons I would be a good choice as Ward 7 City Councilor
I have lived in Whiteaker/Ward 7 well over 25 years, served on the Whiteaker Community Council and manage my rental and home for the same time. I am knowledgeable and aware of past and present issues and concerns facing City of Eugene and Ward 7 residents. I have served in the public domain as an educator, union representative and Youth Group Leader. I believe I am the best choice to be appointed to fill this vacancy and as a candidate thereafter.