About Ward 7 Neighbors United

Invite, Inform, Discuss, Engage, Empower

PRinciples and goals

An initial group of volunteers are coordinating the “Ward 7 Neighbors United” organization that welcomes all Ward 7 voters to constructive actions that will ensure our ward has effective City Council representation.
. We will not conduct some off-the-cuff, skewed “straw poll.” We will not produce any endorsement of a specific applicant by some self-appointed group of individuals.
. Our goal for this open process is to ensure interested Ward 7 voters are empowered with information about applicants so voters can directly provide city councilors with well -informed comments about the applicants.

Volunteer steering committee

Lawrence Siskind
Whiteaker Community Organization

Jordan Locke
River Road Community Organization

US Mail
Ward 7 Neighbors United
P.O. Box 41602
Eugene, OR


Map of Ward 7