Three Council Candidates Asked to Answer Ward 7 Questions

The following invitation was emailed to the three candidates running for election as Ward 7 City Councilor.

During the appointment process, candidates Janet Ayres and Barbie Walker provided responses to a series of questions from Ward 7 voters. Candidate Lyndsie Leech declined.

The questions and previously submitted responses can be reviewed at:

All candidates have now been invited to provide new, additional, and/or revised answers. Following the April 12th deadline, the candidates’ responses will be announced here.

Dear Ward 7 City Council candidates,

You are cordially invited to update and/or complete your responses to the series of questions from Ward 7 voters that you received during Fall’s interim councilor appointment process.

The questions and previously submitted responses can be reviewed at:

Submit your responses to the following email address, either as text in the body of the message or an attachment:

Please include the question number and, if applicable, the sub-item to which each of your responses applies.

The deadline for receiving your responses is April 12th.

All responses will be posted as soon as practicable following the deadline.

We would appreciate if you would confirm, by reply to this message, whether or not you intend to provide any response.

Thank you for your participation.

Steering Committee
Ward 7 Neighbors United

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