Open door for Ward 7 Voter Questions

We encourage all Ward 7 voters to submit their questions to the applicants for appointment as Interim Ward 7 City Councilor.

Click here to submit your question.

The Steering Committee will verify that all questions are from Ward 7 voters and then present questions to the applicants. Questions may address one applicant, a selected set of applicants, or all applicants.

We encourage Ward 7 voters to review the applicants’ applications via links at:

We also encourage Ward 7 voters to review the applicants’ responses to questions at:

The Steering Committee may edit questions for clarity and conciseness.

2 thoughts on “Open door for Ward 7 Voter Questions

  1. Cynthia

    Sent to Lucy and cohorts: I just received an updated list of questions that some of the candidates addressed.  Daniel Isaacson continues to demonstrate his lack of respect for Ward 7 voters by clinging to the conspiracy theory statement that there was anything wrong with the Ward 7 recall.
    He automatically disqualifies himself from representing 60% of the voters who make their decisions clear.  If he can’t represent those 60% then how is he going to make decisions that represent this ward?
    He is not.  He is clearly pursuing some other electorate’s agenda, but  not ours.  The fact that he was muscled into the final 5 when the initial three were sufficient should tell you something that you already know.  
    So do we!
    Please do your real job, representing citizens who vote.
    Best Regards,
    Cynthia SellsSanta Rosa Avenue

  2. Daniel Isaacson

    Hi Cynthia, I appreciate your comments but I would argue that simply disagreeing with you on an issue does not invalidate ones candidacy. There are lots of issues I agree with that you would likely be in the minority on. That would not preclude you from service. Especially since there were many issues for which people voted the way they did. I respect the will of the people on this and have stated why I supported it.

    Ward 7 has a number of issues that require a community-wide approach to solving them. And many of those issues will be coming up before council VERY soon.

    To that end, Ward 7 demands someone who is ready on Day One to continue and complete the work literally dozens of neighborhood leaders have worked for years in collaboration with hundreds of thousands of dollars in city staff time to arrive on the 98 yard line of the River Road Neighborhood Plan, protect and define the upcoming rules on the Willamette Greenway, and advocate for the missing infrastructure in the new developments of Santa Clara.

    With so much riding on an applicant that has a deep understanding of people, history, context, and objectives of each of these issues, the temptation to overlook this jeopardizes the neighborhood involvement work in each of those projects, deepens the rift between those willing to devote time to the collaboration process of city/neighborhood projects, and furthers the narrative that we aren’t listening to what folks want. Do we disenfranchise their voice and work to appease those who want only to re-litigate past battles?

    I am willing to move on from the recall and work with anyone, on any issue, so that the next year of ward representation is equally balanced with the other councilors who rightfully represent theirs. I understand there is hostility and anger over the recall still by some, but I assure you, I do not. The ward needs help from everyone, not recycling old wounds that continue to divide.


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