Applicants Hiura and Walker dispute City on residency

Applicants Thomas Hiura and Barbie Walker have advised the Ward 7 Neighbors United Steering Committee that they are disputing the City Recorder’s statements indicating that Hiura and Walker do not meet the city residency requirement.

Updates on the candidates’ status will be posted here.

2 thoughts on “Applicants Hiura and Walker dispute City on residency

  1. barbie541

    Appreciate you clarifying for people in regards to the Ward 7 qualifying process.
    But, I am not “challenging” City Council. That has a very negative combatant connotation. I’m simply clarifying for them where I lived, bought and sold my house, and when.

    Thank you,

    Barbie Walker
    UO 01’
    The Webfoot, University District
    Pint Pot Public House, West U District
    Eugene, Or

  2. Administrator

    Thank you for the additional information. No negative connotation was intended. To “challenge” is simply to “dispute,” which fits this circumstance because the City Recorder (not the City Council) has presented a preliminary determination to the City Council. The City Recorder’s memo states: “Based on this data, Walker would not be eligible to serve as a City Councilor ….” Presenting evidence to dispute that statement is not “combative.”


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