Questions 1 & 2 for applicants

The two questions below were sent to all applicants. The deadline for responses is Noon, Thursday; after which all responses will be posted on the website.

Ward 7 voters: Click here to submit your own questions.

Question 1. In which of the following 2022 elections did you vote? (Yes or No for each election)

  1. May Primary Election
  2. September Special Election for Recall of Ward 7 City Councilor
  3. November General Election

Question 2. What are your views about the following four issues, including the public processes, proposals, City actions, and any other aspects? (200 words or fewer for each issue)

  1. The Ward 7 recall petition and vote
  2. The MovingAhead proposal for EmX on River Road
  3. The HB 2001 (“Middle Housing”) amendments to the Eugene Land Use Code and Metro Plan
  4. The “Eugene Renter Protections” regulations

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