Let councilors know your opinions!

City staff are distributing applications and what they call an “Interview Ballot” to city councilors next Monday, November 14th. As usual, there’s no posted information on what this means or how councilors’ “votes” will be tallied. Councilors are supposed to return their “ballots” by November 23rd, but some may mark and submit their ballots before the deadline.

Just guessing, but some applicants will be eliminated by this “vote.”

One thing is clear: The City has neglected to inform Ward 7 voters or encourage voters to provide comments about who should be their councilor.

That means that Ward 7 voters need to take the initiative:
* Click here to review the Applicants’ information. Then …
* Click here for information, email addresses, and suggestions on letting councilors know your opinion.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign the Petition to City Council urging them to fix the utter lack of communication and transparency by city staff.

A note on the website … Starting next week, the “Neighbors” and “My Interest” tabs will no longer be on the menu. The Neighbors list has been supplanted by “News” subscriptions and sign up on the “Petition to City Council“. A link to the “My Interest” page has been provided to applicants who have not yet connected with Ward 7 Neighbors United, but the page is no longer needed for Ward 7 voters who have not applied.

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