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Lack of communication with voters and transparency are among the main issues that many Ward 7 voters have with Eugene City government. A perfect example of that failure is that the day after the November 9th deadline for applications to be appointed as Interim Ward 7 City Councilor, the City appears to have removed all information about the rest of the process from the City website. It’s as if Ward 7 voters don’t really matter in deciding who gets appointed to represent them.

The Steering Committee is committed to filling the City’s communication gap.

Below is the City Council schedule.

Please share this website with your Ward 7 neighbors and businesses, as well as other interested Eugene citizens and organizations.

November 9thApplication deadline for appointment as interim Ward 7 City Councilor
November 14thSubmitted applications and interview ballot sent to city councilors
November 23rdCouncilors interview ballots are due
November 28thSelected applicants contacted to confirm interviews
Councilors submit interview questions
December 5thFirst council meeting to conduct interviews
December 7th(Tentative) Second council meeting to conduct interviews
December 12thCouncil vote to confirm appointment
December 15thCouncil break begins
January 4, 2023Council resumes with “State of the City” address
May 2023Special election for Ward 7 City Councilor
July 2023Elected Ward 7 City Councilor takes office
May 2024Primary election for Ward 7 City Councilor
November 2024General election for Ward 7 City Councilor
January 2025Elected Ward 7 City Councilor takes office

Individuals who have applied for appointment are encouraged to post your information on this website to share with Ward 7 voters. Click here to provide your information.

2 thoughts on “City Council schedule

  1. Lynda Van Doran

    Do we, as Ward 7 residents, get a say about who is the most qualified individual for the position? Thx Lynda

    1. Administrator

      Lynda, The purpose of the Ward 7 Neighbors United effort is to *ensure* that Ward 7 voters have a say, and that the city councilors respect that the person they appoint should be based on who would best SERVE as the representative of the voters. Tell your neighbors to come to this website, sign up on the “CONNECT” tab, sign the “PETITION”, and review the “APPLICANTS” information. Then email their opinions to the city councilors at:


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